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The Dolphin is not only an emulator for the Nintendo GameCube, it can also be used to emulate Nintendo Wii discs and hopefully soon also the new WiiU games. So if you are wanting to play some classic GameCube games or those new Wii games on your laptop or personal computer, then download this freeware at GameCube It can actually work on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems but the sad part is that WiiU emulation is still in its beta stage, it needs more than just simple tweaks to make games run perfectly. Some graphics may look weird at times and the sound effects may not work at all (or some sound effects are heard while other background effects are not).

Wii Mario Kart Emulator

The Dolphin : GameCube Emulator needs your computer to have strong processing power (modern CPU) and it also best to have video graphic card at least like Radeon 9500 or up or GeForce FX. If you have older weaker integrated graphic cards, then it may be best to skip downloading this freeware now as you will just face serious gaming problems. Also, in terms of processor, it is best to use this with the best CPU you have in house to get full 60 frames per second. In terms of RAM, at least 256 megabytes should be used or anything higher than this.

Although it has its own downsides, a good thing about Dolphin : GameCube Emulator is that it is actually the first ever GameCube emulator that can allow you to run your favorite games. The Dolphin team also released a new code, there are new versions that you can use and they run swifter than the older versions.

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